Stefan Buttigieg, MD's Picture

Stefan Buttigieg, MD

Stefan is a physician training in Public Health with a Digital Health passion.


Rising to the challenge: better public health with Artificial Intelligence – Part 1

Public Health, that is, population-based medicine, has a pivotal role in the development of Artificial Intelligence for health and well-being. I have witnessed many blank faces as I explain to new friends...

Intelligent health insurance

The future of health insurance is here. I have been exploring the various ways the triage experience is being reinvented. You feel unwell so you open your health plan’s App. This...

How AI is changing cancer care and research?

The potential for artificial intelligence to disrupt healthcare and health systems is becoming evident. In this article we explore the AI-powered future of cancer care and research. Cancer. Tumors. Harsh, jarring words...

17 new stats on Digital Health Adoption

Being at the innovator’s edge, Infermedica's team is curious and we're observing global trends on Digital Health Adoption which deserves your undivided attention. 1. Health is becoming popular amongst research scientists...

10 ways that Artificial Intelligence is shaking up healthcare – Part 2

Previously we discussed 5 of the 10 ways that Artificial Intelligence is shaking up healthcare. In this second article of the two-part series we will be delving into the second set, as...

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