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Natural Language Processing in medicine

Integrating a health check-up chatbot with Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant

Encouraged by the success of our Symptomate app, we’ve moved on and integrated our diagnostic technology with three major voice platforms: Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant....

Why it’s hard to develop a conversational Alexa skill

Developing an Alexa skill that executes simple commands is pretty straightforward. But when you want to engage the user in a conversation, things get much more complex. Here’s why....

Introduction to chatbots in healthcare

See how technologies powering chatbots evolved since 1996, gained popularity, and turned to help to resolve key problems in healthcare....

Three challenges you’re going to face when building a chatbot

Developing your own medical chatbot? You're likely to meet these challenges. Find out what we've learned from developing Symptomate....

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